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    The personal touch of Roberta & Carl Lutton, backed by the global marketing power of Global Property Systems.

    Upstate New York - "The Place to Be"

    Where there's something for everyone, no matter what the season.

    What would you like to do?  

    Mountain climbing, Lakes, Swimming, Boating, Fishing, Ice Fishing, Farms, Horseback Riding, Antiques, Woodbury Commons, Live Theatre, Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, Skiing, College and on and on! A beautiful place to be - year 'round or just weekend living.

    What would you like to do?  

    I'm a proud member of the GPS real estate team bringing buyers and sellers from all over the world.


    Call me. Let me help you SELL your property or BUY THAT SPECIAL PLACE. I can assist you with obtaining information for a Mortgage, Licensed Inspection Companies or an Attorney if you wish. I'm with my clients from start to finish - always accessible. I am the "Seasoned Senior" with over 30 years in sales.


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    Save your searches, call or email me what you're interested in, I'll research it, and setup appointments for us to view.


    Looking forward to the opportunity of working with you!



    CELL: 845-551-9046 | OFFICE: 845-848-2218 ext. 121


  • About Carl & Roberta


    Carl (CJ) Lutton was born in New Jersey in a typical “blue collar” household. Growing up, cj knew early on that if one was to get ahead you had to work hard and persevere. After graduating high school in 1965 CJ enlisted in the US Army and served four years in administration and personnel management. After being honorably discharged in 1969, CJ gained experience along the way in various fields of endeavor, honing his growing skill-sets and knowledge into a very strong base from which he could draw upon as needed.

    In 1980 CJ met the love of his life and future wife, Roberta. They married in 1981 and “we’ve been partners in both life and career ever since”. Having worked for other people and finding an unwanted shock at tax-time, we decided to work for ourselves and control our own destinies by opening a “copy-shop” on Long Island in 1984. It soon became obvious that we were “farming out” our profits to other “printing companies” and we decided to take the plunge into the abyss by purchasing our own printing machines and equipment. Having no experience in printing, cj locked himself in the copy-shop and taught himself the art and business of printing; soon after, purchasing another printing company with a large customer base and went from a small “mom and pop” shop into employing at times as many as forty employees.


    In 2001 Roberta and cj became real estate agents in beautiful Sullivan County of New York and have been in real estate, sales and marketing ever since.

    His interests are wide and varied, a voracious reader and a published author of a Sherlock Holmes novel (The Mysterious Case of the Nefarious Seafarers) with more in the pipeline. An avid student of fly fishing, and a self taught “gourmet” cook, spending many hours in the kitchen doing what he loves.


    Having the ability to think outside the box CJ has the innate talent of putting people and places together that at first blush seem incongruous but causes the doubters to say “Why didn’t I think of that?’



    I love being called the “seasoned senior” lots of life’s experience. A great deal was done and more to do.


    Have the most wonderful husband, CJ, he’s been my best friend since the day I asked him to marry me. He picked well. Two of the best most wonderful sons a mother could ask for – they gave us two beautiful daughters-in-law – who gave us four phenomenal grandsons. Thank god for the daughters-in-law — I have no girls around. These boys delight us with 1. Caleb, a gymnast—just graduated high school with more medals than his frame can hold – how about a 10 on the rings and a 10 on the parallel bars – won in State and Regional Championships (is retired at 18) and off to college. 2. His older brother, Sterling is a computer whiz in college. Don’t understand a thing that he does, enough about that.


    Ok – have 3 and 4 left – last but equal. Steven has won many baseball championships – loves the game so much, but you can get tipsy walking in his room with Yankee Pin Stripes on the wall. Scholastically he’s off the charts and checking out the colleges – no problem there. And last but certainly not least is Matthew, my munchkin—he’s turned out to be a bowling prodigy. His dad introduced him to the game 2-3 years, he has a coach and has bowled a 300 – ok once – made high school varsity.


    For me professionally – I was a professional mom – then went into the business world. Worked in advertising, a school and then started my own business with my best friend (the one I asked to marry me). We were in commercial printing and advertising for almost 20 years. So all-in-all I have about 35 years in sales.


    Real Estate is for me, the best. I love the art of the deal – working with Buyers and Sellers – meeting new people, and making new friends. Especially working with first time home buyers – it’s hand holding time. Like to see them safe, not sorry.

    We live in Sullivan County and we’re traveling all over doing our Real Estate.


    Memberships: National Association of Realtors ~ New York State Association of Realtors ~ Sullivan County Board of Realtors ~ Sullivan County Multiple Listing Service ~ Hudson Gateway Multiple Listing Service: (Orange, Westchester, Rockland, and Ulster Counties).

  • Global Property Systems

    "finding home"

    Whether buying a property or selling one, investing or relocating, here or abroad, our cross-media marketing strategies make use of optimum media channels to maximize the exposure of your property as a seller, and to streamline the search process for buyers (from near or far,) saving you valuable time and effort.


    To Market Your Property to the Most Potential Buyers Go Global....


    When selling a property our marketing excels from concept to execution. Our marketing team provides well-designed multimedia and print materials, along with a generous advertising budget and key alliances, empowering promotion throughout the world through global exposure.

    Whether you live outside of the United States, out of state, or locally and you are looking to purchase, sell, lease, or invest in property here in New York, elsewhere in the United States, or globally, you can rest assured that our team of local real estate experts, and other professionals from Attorneys, Engineers, & Financial Advisers, will guide you through the entire process. Our goal is to ensure you are fully aware of the many local nuances, different customs and processes required to ensure a successful transaction wherever you decide to buy or sell.

    Commercial Services

    Our commercial division services investment properties including income producing properties, development sites and or bulk purchase opportunities ideal for EB-5 & E2 visa applicants, businesses and investors.

    We are confident you will find that GPS offers an unsurpassed personal and experienced touch. Our clients are accustomed to the highest level of service and professionalism, and with many decades of combined experience in every sector of the real estate industry, we confidentially provide the smartest and most technologically advanced platform to serve your real estate needs.


    We look forward to being at your service.


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